Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weekend in Italy


I spent the weeken in Italy, how nice! First comment, the food is way too good in the Italian Mountains!! I must have brought back 2 extra kilos!!

Sue and I spent the weeken doing close to nothig, how good was it! We slept till noon almost every day! We went for three days... but it went like a couple of hours.. can't believe I'm now getting ready to go back to work..:-(

Hope everybody is fine! I'm going back to Montreal in less than 3 weeks for X-mas! Montreal get reaaady!!

Ciao ragazzi e ragazze!

Antoni xxx

Friday, November 17, 2006


Last week Sue and I went for some very good Chinese duck... hummm succulent ;-) We went to Bayswater by Hyde park, a very dynamic area, lots of restaurant and lots of people!

We then went dancing in a club called Secoya at Ruby lo - don't ask me to spell it or tell you what it means?!? But anyway we had a great time dancing and having a few coktails, it was quite nice to go out for a change, hopefully I can go out tomorrow as well, but I'm so tired these days!!

I am posting a couple of pictures of our night out...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend in the office :-((

Unfortunately, I mean too much is too much, I spent another weekend in front of my computer.. At least this time Zane and I turned the kitchen into an office, this was probably the most exciting bit of the weekend. (it's not quite true given we had flatmate drinks on Sunday night...)

Effectively, I had to do some more work.. I have put myself into a very annoying situation.. I have take on to do something that I barely qualify for and my boss is not even happy about it because he thinks I am doing something that I should not be doing and he needed help on something else more important and quite urgent! In fact I must admit he is right, I feel like I'm waisting my time, but I need to finish what I have promised to do, except that this piece of work might actually finish me instead!

Well, I'm pretty stressed these days, but I guess that's part of learning?!?

Anyway I have survived so far, and hopefully I will survive till Chrsitmas so I can see the beautiful kids on the picture below! They are my brother Dominic's kids; William, Laurie-Ann and Florence the cutie little baby girl.. Aren't they sooooo cute? Yes they are really cute and I'm really looking forward to see them.. less than 6 weeks and that's it! I'm almost counting the days..

Poker Night

Hey,I finished second at the plate competition of the Threadneedle Poker Challenge!!!
Plate competition means the competition for the losers of the first round.. but still there were a few people to beat (30 +). I even won a set of cheap chips and a bottle of Moet & Chandon!!

Just to be clear, that does not mean I am good at poker, it just means I don't like Jack Daniels!! This is because the theme was Jack and Poker, but I don't like Jack.. and they did not not want to give me vodka... so in a nutshell, everybody was piss-drunk, I just had to wait a little bit and clean the tables of all those "all-in", before any cards were on the table I must say!

In any case that was a great night to remember, for those who can... Afer the poker they treated us to some proper Champagne at the bar of the Soho Hotel.. hummm Champagne is good! After the hotel bar we ended up at Little Italy, a nice bar/restaurant on Dean Street, I think?!? I ended up dancing the night away with some very interesting ladies, and gentlemen!

Oh by the way, Threadneedle is a 'great' fund manager in the UK that invited Investment Consultants to a night of fun to get to know each other, one might say.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mini Office

Hi guys!

It's been a while! I have been prety busy with work recently.. To my fortune, my flatmates are also working hard so we can all boost each other morale! To that effect I have turned my room into an office, the picture below was taken last week.

On the picture is my flatmate Zane. She is Latvian (Lethonie) and she works at organising conferences for Markus Evans... She works so hard, I feel bad when I come home before 8 o'clock!!! But her efforts are paying off so far.. She has managed to book 5 people last week alone... (10 in a month is very good so...) For this reason we had a celebration on Sunday night - picture below.

Just one glass, but what a good glass ;-)

Other than that life is quiet.. I am going to Montreal in 6 weeks, yippee!!!

Have fun and take it easy!