Monday, November 06, 2006

Poker Night

Hey,I finished second at the plate competition of the Threadneedle Poker Challenge!!!
Plate competition means the competition for the losers of the first round.. but still there were a few people to beat (30 +). I even won a set of cheap chips and a bottle of Moet & Chandon!!

Just to be clear, that does not mean I am good at poker, it just means I don't like Jack Daniels!! This is because the theme was Jack and Poker, but I don't like Jack.. and they did not not want to give me vodka... so in a nutshell, everybody was piss-drunk, I just had to wait a little bit and clean the tables of all those "all-in", before any cards were on the table I must say!

In any case that was a great night to remember, for those who can... Afer the poker they treated us to some proper Champagne at the bar of the Soho Hotel.. hummm Champagne is good! After the hotel bar we ended up at Little Italy, a nice bar/restaurant on Dean Street, I think?!? I ended up dancing the night away with some very interesting ladies, and gentlemen!

Oh by the way, Threadneedle is a 'great' fund manager in the UK that invited Investment Consultants to a night of fun to get to know each other, one might say.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing is sure, You was the youngest poker player when we first starts playing cards with our college friends but i remenber one thing from you at the poker table.

Don't try to know what Tony is thinking cause he's smarter than all of us.

En passant il est très bien ton blog. J'aime prendre de tes nouvelles de temps en temps.

7:14 am  

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