Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Shopping!


God it's Xmas in less than 3 weeks - already! It seems like it's always christmas?!? Not sure why.. anyway today I went christmas shopping at Harrod's, they have so much nice stuff! I manage to get everything I wanted (and more) in one afternoon.. I'm not a big fan of "buying" gifts, but the nice about it is to wrap them up with a glass of bailey'son ice while thinking about the people whom you will give teh gift..

Being far far away from most of my friends and my familly, I don't really know what to get them, but I think I managed to get cool stuff without having to work overtime! Below is a picture of the Oxford Street's Christmas lighting (and Sue). Not where we went today, but a picture I wanted to post ;-)

Another original picture is the following one?!? Can you guess what it is made from...

This was my first weekend to stay at home (without having to work) and it was great!! Nothing to do, no obligation to go anywhere - it's good to be home once in a while!

Ok, got to go dinner now, talk later, and don't forget I'll be in Montreal from 15 December to 13 January so let meknow what you're up to and we can go for a few drinks, or a movie, or a game (Montreal Canadian of course!!).

Ok enjoy your Christmas shopping!

Tony xxx


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