Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend in the office :-((

Unfortunately, I mean too much is too much, I spent another weekend in front of my computer.. At least this time Zane and I turned the kitchen into an office, this was probably the most exciting bit of the weekend. (it's not quite true given we had flatmate drinks on Sunday night...)

Effectively, I had to do some more work.. I have put myself into a very annoying situation.. I have take on to do something that I barely qualify for and my boss is not even happy about it because he thinks I am doing something that I should not be doing and he needed help on something else more important and quite urgent! In fact I must admit he is right, I feel like I'm waisting my time, but I need to finish what I have promised to do, except that this piece of work might actually finish me instead!

Well, I'm pretty stressed these days, but I guess that's part of learning?!?

Anyway I have survived so far, and hopefully I will survive till Chrsitmas so I can see the beautiful kids on the picture below! They are my brother Dominic's kids; William, Laurie-Ann and Florence the cutie little baby girl.. Aren't they sooooo cute? Yes they are really cute and I'm really looking forward to see them.. less than 6 weeks and that's it! I'm almost counting the days..


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