Sunday, October 22, 2006

Climate Change march

Hey guys!

It's been a while... busy week here in London (and busy weekend..)! To be frank I have not much to say, other than "The Departed" from Martin Scorsese is a pretty good movie,my movie of the year personally - but I cannot remember seeing more than 3, so?!? Actually, I watched another good film/documentary/fiction on Mr B*$sh a$$a$$ination produced by the BBC - small budget but really interesting.

No kidding other than that I've been working hard to make stuff happen. It's a bit crazy, when you want something to happen, you need to do it! (it's sounds obvious but it is not that obvious - anyway this is no website to complain..) So let's just say things are now moving, slowly but surely! Patience will be rewarded!

Finally, you may have received an email from me or someone else, but in any case below is a link to a website about Climate Change. They are advertising a march in London and other major cities in the world on Saturday 4 November. I might go myself. I am starting to think/realise this is a massive issue, and not for our children. No, this is for us to sort. Not in the future, no, right now.

For me the point is not to cry and try to be full green and go back to living in the wood, not at all. I love the city life and the modern world. But we need to manage it and take some action to control and slow it down. Just a fact (well more a blur forecast..), imagine the UK under water? Imagine 500 000 000 people from Asia having to move from one country to another over 10 years - I can see a lot of line-up at the custom and the visa offices!!!And maybe some war on the back of it? How about fighting to live on a mountain?? How about fighting for water instead of fighting for oil?

That brings me to Quebec, Quebec needs to take the lead on managing its water reserves effectively. I am not too sure what is hapening in Quebec at the moment, but I hope the government is not selling our water to some stupid corporation (for silly money..) and stuff like that.. Certainly something to look into.. If I was journalist this is what I would be investigating day and nights!!

In a nutshell, Quebec is very well positioned to be a global leader in energy and ressources in the future, so let's make sure it doesn't screw up!

OK, have agreat week and don't worry too much about it, I have faith in the human race although I don't tryst anyone ;-) Think positive 'stie!


Monday, October 16, 2006

Video Percutantes!

Suivez ce lien pour une vidéo fort intéressante publié par Milot, voyez aussi mes commentaires parmis les autres commentaires.

Lien vers une video troublante.

En même temps, ca m'incite à me questionner sur internet et sur le pouvoir que ça a de changer nos vies, et encore plus probablement celles de ceux et celles qui n'ont jamais eu accès à l'information (lire les pays en voie de dévelopement et certains pays victimes de dictatures).

Ils doivent capoter quand ils réalisent que le monde est un peu pas mal beaucoup fou?!!?

Sur ces belles pensées je vous laisse!

Picture as promised!

Here is the picture from Kinky Mambo! At last! Seriously the "add image" function in Bloger is a little sensitive and random?! Anyway with a bit of imagination it does work!

Kinky Mambo!

Well,I have been pretty quiet this last week on my blog.. it's because this last week has been so quick! It was exactly 168 hours since I last wrote something, but it seems like this wasjust a few minutes ago.
Time goes by so: quickly; quickly..
In fact last week has been pretty busy, Wednesday I went to a kind of "pastorale" group where we had a discussion about Climate Change.. Some of this stuff is freakin' frightning! Island diappearing, more tornado, tsunami and tralala, millions (if not billions!) of people forced to emmigrate, but where?!!?

Thursday was a company drink to celebrate great financial achievement in Q2, since I joined in May, I was only allowed to finish 2/3rd of each drink ;-) Below is a picture of one and a half secretary, She is Emma Conigliaro and that's how she looked when I left!! Did you know that 12 2/3rd is equal to 8 drinks?!?!

Friday, ehh what did I doon Friday?? Oh yeah, I work till midninght again.. but it was sorta better than go out..exceot there were not so many great people!? I was working on a very interesting project, a project that could make a few people a little rich... but for me it's all about the fun!
Saturday I went to Kinky Mambo with Fern.I club that I wanted to try for a while. It was a great night til a stupid biatch try (and succeed) to still my drink that I just bought!? This was a frightning experience! It was a bloody long time since I met someone so bad, she stole my drink and although I spent 5 minutes to explain her the situation she seemed convinced like Jesus that she was right, the worst was to come I decided to be cool and go at the bar to tell the barman, and the stupid guy offers me a straw?!? He tells me to share, like I need anyone to teach me a lesson about sharing?!?!? Anyway I finished by shouting at the manger, poor Carlo (a German guy with a Spanish name and a Mexican face) he offered me to double my drink, but double or not I had enough, I don't like bad people.. so we left on this very sour note.. below is a picture of Fern and I before the incident,obviously, I'm all smilly ;-) (Actually the picture will follow in a separate blog, I'm having again soem problem posting pictures?!? I think there is a max of 2 pictures per blog?! If anyone knows about it, please let me know!!)
This whole experience gave me an occasion to put in practice my new philosophy of life (well new since Hong Kong...). Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, which I dramatically failed to put to practice.. shame on me! Oh well at the end of the day, it unfortunately reminded me why the world is such a mess, talk about climate change!
Then yesterday I had pancake with my flatmate Zane (picture shown below) and we watched Basic Instinct 2, a good but freaking movie! Poor guy, or poor girl?!? who is crazy?!? Me or the producer??

Then I invited Zane to the Church in Angel, for teh Sunday night Praise Night, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to sickness.. I did not realise the priest could be sick?!? Anyway we ended up having some Nacho in my favorite Mexican place, Desperados (just a few door form teh Kinky Mambo!). We walk back home to try and get rid of teh Nachosand the pancake (and the popcorn!)..
And this was my week in a nutshell! Nothing crazy but yet a crazy week!
Ok, hope you are doing well and talk soon!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Quiet Weekend

Apres tous ce qui a été dit, finalement j'ai rien foutu de tout le weekend.. et ce fût bon!
En fait j'en ai profité pour mettre de l'ordre dans mes trucs, et most importantly j'ai mis mon blog a jour..
Je vous invite entre autres a visité les blogs de Mathieu et Gabriel, mais surtout le fameux site des Québécois en Europe! (voir liens à droite de cette page..)
Sur ce bon weekend at souriez, c'est gratis ;-)

Friday, October 06, 2006

Saturday in a few minutes!

Well, forget what I said this morning! It looks like the day has been longer than what I expected!!!

We are approaching Saturday (less that 20 minuets here...) and I am still at work waiting for my "stichastic run" to finish..

Well while I was writing these lines it finished running.. it's working but the results are not quite as nice as I hopped :-( Oh well, it looks like I won't find the solution to the pension crisis in the UK today - well given there are only 2 minutes left to the day anwyay!!! I will just go to bed and Monday we'll try again!

Ciao guys!


Friday.. Yippeee!!!

Yeah it's Friday!

A couple more hours of work and then take a seat, put your feet up abd enjoy the melody of the weekend! After a busy week, the weekend feel so good. as usual I don't have any plans.. maybe Cafe de Paris tonight, ou une soirée in the City??! Tomorrow, maybe a night out in METRA, question de pas perdre le beat! Sinon, p-e que je vais finalement pouvoir me reposer un peu, ca fearit du bien I think!

OK, I'm cycling to work now!

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Yin!!

Today is Yin's birthday, she is 22. I guess 22 Chinese years is the same as 22 Western years??!

Poor girl, she has to work today.. on her birthday :-( Below is a picture of her (in pink on the right) at the KTV Karaoke bar in Guangzhou taken in July this year.

Yin, have a super birthday - it's a shame I am not there, I would have taken you to the Karaoke! Have fun with your classmates at dinner tonight!

Antoni xxx

Monday, October 02, 2006

Another day at work

Hi guys

Another day at work, another day trying to change the world!

The picture below is a good exampleof interesting things I'm doing at Aon (my new company). There we tried to find an investment that would reduce the pension Scheme risk (or volatility of teh funding level for those interetsed). Looks like we managed to model something nice, on the left side pure UK equity return, on the right a combination of cash and call options...

What stands out is the reduced volatility (ie narrower range of possible returns out of 1,000 simulations) with teh cash + call option! All the credit to my colleague James and my boss Chris the Clever Squirrell!!

OK ciao, let me know what you think!

London weekend

Un autre Samedi, un autre soire au METRA... Beaucoup de musique, beaucoup d'amis, beaucoup de russe et une tcheck...

En bon représentant de METRA je me suis assuré que tout le monde ait du plaisir, y compris la Tcheck!

En passant, j'ai pas encore réussi à mettre mes photos sur le site.. jèy travaille, p-e flicker ou Yahoo! ou kodak, ca devrait etre la au plus tard le prochain weekend! Par contre je peux maintenant mettre qqs photos dans le blog.. un petit pas pour les bloggers et un grand pas pour moi!! ;-) Plus bas une photo avec Wang (sorry ca marche pas super bien encore! pas capable de mettre plus de 2 photos dans un texte... Milot help me!!!) le Vietnamien et une autre avec une de ses amie..

Continuer à commenter mes articles et me donner des news.. Merci à Milot the mooner boy pour le premier commentaires! Eh oui une autre liste de voyage, ce Parisien d'adoption n'arrête jamais.. De mon côté, ce sera un long weekend à Turin le 24 Novembre et Montréal du 16 décembre au 13 janvier.. Longue vacances de Noel et travail au travers de ca.. Looking forward to my new room in my new parent oui Tanguy rentre au bercail pour le temps des fetes! Si je continue, je vais battre le record de mon oncle Louis qui est resté chez ses parents jusqu'à l'âge de 33 ans, si on se fie à la légende!

7 fêtes en deux semaines dans mon entourage proche. William mon filleuil favori le 18, Véro le 21, ma plus belle des mamans le 23, Guillaume le 24, Dominic le 1 Octobre, Yin la Chinoise le 3 Octobre et Sylvie qqs part around le 15 Septembre... Bonne fête à tout le monde! Je vous aime et vous embrasse!

Une triste note; ce weekend une tragédie s'est produite au Québec. Un viaduc s'est effondré à Laval.. 5 morts un paquet de blessé, beaucoup d'incompréhension. Un accident horifique, une société traumatisé pour qqs mois, beaucoup de questions... Mes prières sont avec ceux qui sont touchés le plus directement par le drame. Je leur souhaite beaucoup de force et de courage.

Ok, au boulot mainenant. Bonne semaine!